What is vernier height gauge?

What is vernier height gauge?

In the many of industrial jobs where some measurement is required we may face different nature of values for measuring like depth, breath, height and length so we may need special type of instrument  for each of these measuring values. So when these measurements require more precision and accuracy, then it is necessary to use proper instrument for each measurement.  As we know variety of precision measuring instruments is available in both vernier and micrometer so here we will discuss the height measurement up to precision with a vernier caliper type called Vernier height gauge.

Definition of vernier height gauge:

Vernier height gauge is a special type of vernier instruments which is used to measure heights of different engineering objects up to high precision and accuracy during many of industrial jobs where measuring process is require.

Main Parts of vernier height gauge:

what is vernier height gauge


It’s a rectangular metallic part which is finely machined and horizontally jointed with other structure as shown in picture. As name shows its acts like base to hold all other parts because these all are mounted on it. It has lapped lower grounded surface for high accuracy.

Main Scale:

A long rectangular metallic bar mounted on base and its direction is perpendicular to base shown in figure. Main scale is engraved on it in millimeters in case of imperial depth gauge.

Vernier scale:

Its small scale on which Vernier scale is engraved and can read to accuracy of 0.01 mm and is moveable as it slides up or down on main scale.

Measuring Jaw:

Measuring jaw of Vernier height gauge is fabricated with Vernier scale and slides as scale moves up or down.

Fine adjustment screw:

As name indicates it is used for fine adjustment during measurement and allows Vernier scale to slide very little distances.

Fine adjustment clamp:

When adjustment is completed, tightening of this clamp provides provision to hold the Vernier height gauge measuring jaw at certain point in order to avoid errors of reading.

Sizes available for Vernier height gauge in the range of 150mm to 500 mm.


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