Types of Vernier caliper

Types of Vernier caliper
Before moving forward to Vernier caliper types it is necessary to know that what  is Vernier caliper.
For this purpose you can read article Vernier caliper, it covers basics of Vernier caliper theory like parts, functions and its use. Perhaps there are five types of Vernier caliper which are vastly using in mechanical workshops and industry.

1. Plain Vernier Caliper
2. Combination Vernier caliper
3. what is Vernier height gauge?
4. Vernier depth gauge
5. Special purpose Vernier Caliper

Plain Vernier Caliper:
It is used to take basic length, width and diametric measurements to accuracy up to 0.05mm or 0.001 inches.

Combination Vernier caliper:
Its basic structure is like plain vernier only addition is a sliding bar with vernier scale which makes it able to take the depth and height measurements along with length, width and diametric values.

vernier caliper


Vernier height gauge:
Its shape is specially designed to measure heights of work pieces and objects.


Vernier depth gauge:
This type of vernier caliper is only designed to take depth measurements to higher degree of accuracy.

Special purpose Vernier Caliper:
All of above types cannot cover all measurement requirements of workshop and industry but in some cases we cannot use any of above so here comes the need of special purpose vernier caliper which may be available in market or specially be designed for a specific requirement.For example vernier shown in picture below is for measuring of three edges tools.

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