Types of Micrometer screw gauge

types of micrometer screw gauge

Types of Micrometer screw gauge

Micrometer is used to measure wider variety of dimensions like lengths, depths, widths and breadths of accurate machine parts and objects up to accuracy of 0.01 mm in case of metric scale and 1/1000 of an inch if there is inches scale is engraved on a micrometer screw gauge.

Now days so many variety of micrometer is available for industrial use in different demanding situations like linear lengths, angular distances and bore depths.

Micrometer can be classified in different types in many ways, here are some of those.

   1. Classification by construction /nature of measurements.

   2. Classification according to scale type

   3. Classification by output reading indication.

 Let’s have a look at micrometer types one by one; those are falling in   above mentioned categories.

 1.Classification by nature of measurements.

There are seven major types of micrometer screw gauge according to above classification.

  • Outside Micrometer
  • Inside Micrometer/Caliper type 
  • Micrometer Depth Gauge
  • Tubular and rod Micrometer
  • Bench Micrometer
  • Special Purpose micrometer
  • Thickness micrometertypes of micrometer screw gauge

Outside Micrometer:

As its name shows used for outer dimensions (lengths, thickness and outer diameters) most commonly used article of micrometer screw gauge family. A must have tool in your machine,foundry or scientific laboratory.micrometer parts

Inside Micrometer:

A micrometer, that measures inside dimensions of objects and engineering parts.Its also called bore micrometer normally used to measure the inside diameters of bores especially if those are not that deep. 

caliper type micrometer

Micrometer Depth Gauge:

A micrometer specially designed to measure depths in different labs, workshops and engineering organizations.It is used where high accuracy and precision is required in terms of depth dimensions like aviation and nuclear industries.

micrometer depth gauge

Tubular and rod Micrometer:

Both tubular and rod micrometers are used to measure gap or space between two edges, with the help of their two measuring points opposing each other.

rod micrometer

Bench Micrometer:

Shaping an outside micrometer into vise form makes it bench micrometer. It provides more steady measuring process and accurate results with a magnifying mechanism.bench type micrometer

Special Purpose micrometer:

Measuring is a demanding process, so some time special micrometers are needed and used for special shaped work pieces.

Here are some special micrometers.

     1. Screw Thread micrometer.

     2. V shape Anvil Micrometer.anvil and vee type micrometer

 Thickness micrometer:

  A micrometer with specially designed holding points, to measure               thicknesses precisely and accurately.

  2. Classification According to scale type:

There are two types of micrometer according to scale type.

  1. Metric Scale micrometer
  2. Imperial scale micrometer

Metric Scale micrometer:

A micrometer measures and shows its reading in SI system of units, reading its values mostly in millimetres and a fraction of it i.e. 0.01mm (least count). It can indicate output values in centimetres also.

Imperial scale micrometer:

A micrometer measures and shows its reading in Imperial system of units, reading its values mostly in inches and a fraction of it i.e. 0.001 inches (least count).


 3. Classification by output reading indication.

There are three types of micrometer according to ways it shows measured value’s reading.

1. Analog Micrometer:

Values can be obtained by scale engraved on micrometer by reading and calculating it properly.

2. Digital Micrometer:

Shows measured values in digits directly.

Its addition of specific part to  micrometers , where it displays the measured value directly in digits.The unique feature is its a analog display in terms of mechanism yet called digital because of its number roller system display , same like there was analog fueling machine display in old days petrol pumps and bikes speedometer mileage counter.

3. Electronic display Micrometer:

Shows reading on LCD screen, now days comes with both inches and metric measuring modes.

LCD mounted on  measuring end of its c-frame.It has made measuring process very easy and accurate because errors due to human readings are eliminated and no need of time taking calculations too. So its very handy to have and use electronic display digital micrometers.


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