Precise Measurement and Tools

What is precise measurement?

During  the measurement of any physical quantity(length, mass,Temperature etc),  measuring the value two or three times for the same reference points and its gives you almost same values or values nearer to each other, then its shows you got a precise measurement. If there is too much difference in values of measurement of same object then measuring process is not called precise.


So from above explanation we can say “for same object or for same reference point’s, closeness of the measured values is called precision”

 Closer values of a measured quantity means more precision and more the difference among obtained readings mean less precision of that measuring process.

So in other words you simply can say the exactness of measured values to each other is called precision.

To know about Accuracy and its Difference to Precision

Why precise measuring is required?

For every measurement no one wants errors in results.

but keeping in mind no one can take perfect measurement either, so  to get best possible results we need something, and that’s the ”precision”.

Only Precision can help to obtain values nearer to desired criteria’s not only in the measurements but in the every  field of life.

Precise measurement tools and instruments (list or names)

Precise length measurement tools:

  1. Vernier caliper
  2. Micrometer
  3. Height gauges
  4. Depth gauges
  5. Trundle wheels(for long Distances)

Precise pressure measurement tools/ instruments

  1. Mano meter
  2. Mcleod gauges
  3. Aneroid gauges
  4. Bourdon tube gauges
  5. Bellows

Precise mass measurement tools/ instruments

  1. Beam Balance or Physical Balance
  2. Analytical Balance
  3. Load Cells

Precise weight measurement tools/ instruments

  1. Weighing scales
  2. Strain gauge scales
  3. Spring scales
  4. Digital scales

Precise level measurement tools/ instruments

  1. Level Sight Gauge
  2. RF Capacitance
  3. Resistance Tape
  4. Float
  5. Contacting Ultrasonic
  6. Non-Contacting Ultrasonic
  7. Displacer
  8. Bubble Tube
  9. Rota meters

Precise (low ) current measurement instruments

  1. Ammeter
  2. Pico ammeter
  3. Multi meter
  4. Galvanometer

Precise (low ) voltage measurement instruments

  1. Volt Meter
  2. Multi meter

Precise temperature measurement tools/ instruments

  1. Thermo meter
  2. RTD
  3. Thermocouples
  4. Multi meter with temperature probes

Precise volume measurement instruments/tool

  1. Bottletop dispenser
  2. Bottletop burette
  3. Bulb pipette
  4. Burette







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