Liquid handling equipment

Liquid Handling Equipment In Laboratory

Volumetric metrology plays a big role in laboratory measurements. Many types of volumetric measuring instruments are used for this purpose. The type of instrument is determined by process in which we are using it. It’s based on degree of accuracy required for a specific process.

Here are some tricks by using these flasks/beakers and other liquid handling apparatus.

So here is list of some liquid handling equipment those are used for volumetric measurements in laboratory for testing purposes.

  1. Volumetric Flask
  2. Graduated Beakers
  3. Bulb Pipette
  4. Graduated Pipette
  5. Graduated Cylinder
  6. .Burette
  7. Botteltop Dispenser
  8. Botteltop Burette
  9. Single Channel Air Interface Pipette
  10. Multi Channel  Air Interface Pipette
  11. Positive Displacement pipette


Volumetric flasks:

volumetric Flask is  device or equipment which is used to measure volume of different solutions in laboratory calculations and experiments.It is  also called measuring or graduated flask.These flasks are  available in variety of standard sizes.

Volumetric flask

Following are ranges which are normally available in market.

Capacity Base Diameter Height Marked to Fill
25 ml flask 4.1 cm 6.1 cm 10-25 ml x 5 ml
50 ml flask 5.1 cm 7.8 cm 20-50 ml x 10 ml
125 ml flask 6.7 cm 11.4 cm 50-125 ml x 25 ml
250 ml flask 8.2 cm 13.2 cm 50-200 ml x 25 ml
500 ml flask 10.1 cm 17.6 cm 100-500 ml x 50 ml
1000 ml flask 12.9 cm 21.6 cm 250-1000 ml x 50 ml
2000 ml flask 16 cm 26.8 cm 600-1800 ml x 200 ml
4000 ml flask 20.6 cm 36.0 cm 1000-4000 ml x 500 ml

Graduated Beakers

It is the most conman laboratory apparatus which is  used to measure the volumes of  fluids and their  normal handling as well.Graduated beaker is a jug shape container made of glass  or polythene, polypropylene materials.It has a beak to facilitate pouring because it is a multi purpose apparatus and various uses.its ranges from milliliters to several liters.



Bulb pipette

bulb pipette is laboratory measuring apparatus  which  is used to deliver specific or fixed volume of any solution accurately.As shown in picture it is a singly marked device and only used for single volume measurement.



Graduated pipette 

Graduated pipette

A glass or transparent plastic tube having graduation marking for volume along its length same like a steel rule has millimeter/centimeter graduations for length measurement.It is used to transport small volumes of  liquids from one container to another.its measuring range is 0 to 25 milliliters.

Graduated cylinder

As name shows ,graduated  cylinder is a cylindrical shape graduated volume measuring laboratory equipment in which every marking line  indicates that how much volume of  liquid is filled and it is used to measure small to bigger amount of solutions where less accuracy is required.

graduated cylinders are available in three Standard sizes

  • 500ml
  • 1000ml
  • 2000ml

with the increments of 5ml, 10ml and 20ml


Burette is glass tube  with graduated marking open from one side and lower side with tap/valve  and stopcock arrangement to stop or open the flow of fluid to be delivered.It is used to dispense the known amount of fluid in different chemical experiments like titrations etc.


Bottletop dispenser

First we should know the Definition of term dispensing:
The  process of discharge of known quantities of fluids is called ‘dispensing’ .

Bottle Top Dispensers is liquid handing equipment which is used in daily lab work.It  can provide a wide range of applications and increase safety, speed and reliability of lab experiments and calculations . by using bottle top dispenser you can  save time, work and protects you and your samples.



 Bottletop burette

Bottletop Burette is very high accuracy liquid handling device that can offer the precision of 3 decimal places below 20 ml.

  Single-channel air interface pipette


It is used for very accurate sampling purposes.

Multi channel air interface pipette

It is used for very accurate sampling purposes.

Positive displacement pipette 

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