How to use Vernier caliper properly

How to use Vernier caliper properly!

Vernier caliper is measuring device which is used to measure lengths, width, diameter (lateral dimensions) and depth of different engineering objects and parts to precision.

When it comes to proper use there are some prerequisites which must be fulfilled for accurate and precise measuring results.

So, here is a quick guide in steps that how to use a Vernier caliper properly!

1. Select a proper scale (metric or imperial) as per your requirement, weather you need dimensions in millimetres or inches.

vernier scale division

2. Select a Vernier caliper with proper range which meets your job requirement. Selection of improper range can affect results accuracy.


SR# RANGE LENGTH(Approx) WEIGHT(g) (Approx)
1 0-150 mm 230 145
2 0-200 mm 290 180
3 0-300 mm 400 340
4 0-600 mm 780 1300
5 0-1000 mm 1240 3300

3. Perform visual inspection and ensure there is no physical damage to the measuring instrument.

4. Check that Vernier caliper is working properly and there in no malfunctioning.

5. Check for zero error, if found! adjust it in case of dial or digital vernier caliper and record it for future use, after completion of measuring process  –ve zero error will be added to dimensions and +ve vice versa, in case of analog vernier.

6. While using plain/combination Vernier caliper use its lower jaws for outer dimensions (outer diameter, width etc), upper jaws for inner dimensions (inner diameter) and its depth bar for measuring of depths and heights.

7. The best option is to use specific Vernier gauge for each measurement like height and depth , use Vernier height gauge and depth gauge respectively if possible, it may helpful for accurate results. (For types details click on image below:types of vernier caliper

8. Use special Vernier caliper for measurement of irregular shape objects.

9. Hold the object or job (to be measured) in measuring surface of Vernier caliper jaws specially finished and hardened for this purpose.

how hold a work piece in vernier caliper

10. Rotate the jaws of Vernier caliper along the periphery thoroughly! When measuring the cylindrical shape or round shape objects and also make sure objects are placed in jaws in proper manner.

11. Before reading value of Vernier caliper, ensure that the lock screw of Vernier scale is tightened to avoid slip/error in dimension.

12. Take measurements three times and take their mean at the end, it will help to get precise and accurate measuring results.

13. Make sure that least count you are multiplying with is correct and matching with Vernier caliper you are using.

14. Do not forget the addition or subtraction of zero error if it was there.

15. Before Finalize, review the obtained dimensions.

question and answer for jobs test

16. Every time when you read measured value, reading point should be parallel to eyes in a horizontal line and should not be on angle (elevation or depression).

We hope these steps help you to get better measuring results and accurate dimensions!

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