Daily Life Use Measuring Instruments

Daily Life Use Measuring Instruments

In our routine life we have to deal with some physical quantities  like distances, temperature, pressure, time, weight, current  and voltage etc domestically, it mean measuring instruments for these quantities is necessity of daily life. So here is a list of measuring instruments those are used in daily life.

1. Thermometer:

A temperature measuring device, used to measure body temperature, surrounding atmosphere and cooking temperatures in kitchens as well. It comes with different styles and operating mechanism with analog or digital displays. Digital ones are handy and quick to function.

2.Measuring tape:

It’s a must have gadget in home, also called meter tap, used for measuring of distance and lengths during masonry works, cloth cuttings and  making of kitchen cover sheets of different sizes etc. It comes in convenient pocket size portable designs with flexible tape which makes it easy to use.

meter tape


3.Weighting Scales:

A commonly used measuring device for weight evaluation of household goods and body weighs. It’s available in different designs according to its uses like baby weighting scales, for adults and for groceries.

human weight machine


Ruler is a mathematical tool used for many academic purposes for kids and adults, like drawing, point to point distance measurement and line measurement etc. It’s a very handy and multipurpose tool to measure small objects is available in market on a very cheap price and made of many materials, with both metric and inches (imperial) scales marked on it.

steel rule, scale

5.Level meter:

It’s  basically a masonry tool, which is used to check level and balance of objects ,floors , roofs  and even a painting on wall. Now days it comes with digital display also but typical level meter uses a liquid bubble between two marked lines to show an even level.

mason level

6. Lactometer:

This meter is milk tester and milk purity checker and used to check the amount of water in milk.

milk tester, milk checker
checks water quantity in milk.

7. Pressure gauge:

It’s a pressure indicating device which measures the pressure and shows it on a dial gauge or on a digital screen in case of digital gauge. It is used vastly in industries but domestically quit significant as well, because it’s used to check vehicles tyer’s air pressure. Now days also comes installed on pressure cookers.

Tyre air pressure checker

8. Speedometer:

Every one of us have to deal with automobiles and their speed the meter which measures the speed and shows it to us is called speedometer.

speed indicator

9. Glucometer:

A medicated meter to check the sugar level in blood for diabetic patients in their daily life.


10. Measuring cups and spoons:

These measuring cups are used to measure certain volumes of liquids normally and spoons to measure certain amounts of species in cooking.

kitchen measuring spoons cups

11. Clocks and stop watch:

Its time measuring and indicating gadget which makes easy to plan our routine life multitasking.

As everyone knows these are available in both analog and digital types in the form of wall clocks, wrist watches and smart phone and watches.wall clocks

12. Divider:

Divider is used to measure and shift a measurement (like distance between two points, line lengths) from one place to another. It’s also used to draw circles on sheets (rubber/metallic) where cutting of materials in circler shape is required. Its single leg variant called compass also used for same purpose and drawings with one leg and one side pencil clamp.


13 . Multimeter:

An electrical and electronics measuring instrument to measure electrical quantities those are current, voltage and resistance typically.

multi meter


Used to draw and measure different angles in kids math and drawing assignments.

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