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Liquid handling equipment

Liquid Handling Equipment In Laboratory Volumetric metrology plays a big role in laboratory measurements. Many types of volumetric measuring instruments are used for this purpose. The type of instrument is determined by process in which we are using it. It’s based on degree of accuracy required for a specific process. …

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Types of Vernier caliper

types of vernier caliper

Types of Vernier caliper Before moving forward to Vernier caliper types it is necessary to know that what  is Vernier caliper. For this purpose you can read article Vernier caliper, it covers basics of Vernier caliper theory like parts, functions and its use. Perhaps there are five types of Vernier …

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Mcqs Paper1 for jobs test

question and answer for jobs test

Mcqs Paper1 for jobs test preparation for diploma of associate engineers. Improve and Test your knowledge by solving this Mcqs paper by us. you can download pdf file from download option below and  may comment ifyou find some wrong  answers in that.     Download PDF

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What is vernier height gauge?

what is vernier height gauge

What is vernier height gauge? In the many of industrial jobs where some measurement is required we may face different nature of values for measuring like depth, breath, height and length so we may need special type of instrument  for each of these measuring values. So when these measurements require …

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Micrometer Parts and Their Main Function

micrometer screw gauge Construction

Micrometer Parts and Their Main Function: As we know the micrometer has wide application in all fields of science during different scientific experiments and   in engineering to measure the values of finest objects up to higher precision and accuracy so for better understanding and to ensure the appropriate use of …

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What is Micrometer Screw Gauge?

micrometer parts

Micrometer Screw Gauge The word micrometer is refers to two different terminologies the first one is a smaller unit of metric measurement which is 1/1000 of millimeter and the second on is measuring instrument called micrometer which can measure dimensions up to higher precision and accuracy compare to vernier caliper …

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Measuring Calipers

Measuring Calipers: First of all, keep in mind that the topic under discussion is “calipers” only, but not the vernier caliper. Caliper: The measuring tools with two extended arms or legs which are generally use to measure or transfer reading of internal and external diameters of objects, thicknesses of different …

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