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Accuracy and precision

precison measurement

What is Accuracy and precision in measurements? Accuracy and precision are two important concepts in the field of measurement. Both terms refer to the degree of correctness or exactness of a measurement, but they have different meanings and implications. Precision: Precision, on the other hand, refers to how consistent or …

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Foreign Material effects on measurements

Foreign Material bad effects on measurements

Does Foreign Material effects measurements? The answer to this question is quite simple and that is yes. Here we explain what the FM is and how it effects the measurement process! What is FM? FM stands for Foreign Material. An unwanted material present in an equipment or system which is …

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Resolution of Measuring Instruments

question and answer for jobs test

Resolution of Measuring Instruments Resolution Definition: During a measuring process, resolution of an instrument is the smallest amount/value of change in a physical quantity that an instrument can sense. Or The minimum incremental value of the input that is required to cause a detectable change in the output can also …

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Difference Between Accuracy and Precision

Difference Between Accuracy and Precision  Accuracy versus Precision Accuracy: The term accuracy refers to “closeness of measured value to its reference value”                                                          …

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Vernier Caliper Classification

Vernier Caliper Classification and Types Vernier Caliper is used to measure wide variety of lateral dimensions like lengths, depths, widths, breadths and diameters of machine parts and objects up to accuracy of 0.1 mm in case of metric scale and 1/1000(0.001) of an inch if there is inches scale is …

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Daily Life Use Measuring Instruments

human weight machine

Daily Life Use Measuring Instruments In our routine life we have to deal with some physical quantities  like distances, temperature, pressure, time, weight, current  and voltage etc domestically, it mean measuring instruments for these quantities is necessity of daily life. So here is a list of measuring instruments those are …

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How to use Vernier caliper properly

How to use Vernier caliper properly! Vernier caliper is measuring device which is used to measure lengths, width, diameter (lateral dimensions) and depth of different engineering objects and parts to precision. When it comes to proper use there are some prerequisites which must be fulfilled for accurate and precise measuring …

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Liquid handling equipment

Liquid Handling Equipment In Laboratory Volumetric metrology plays a big role in laboratory measurements. Many types of volumetric measuring instruments are used for this purpose. The type of instrument is determined by process in which we are using it. It’s based on degree of accuracy required for a specific process. …

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Types of Vernier caliper

types of vernier caliper

Types of Vernier caliper Before moving forward to Vernier caliper types it is necessary to know that what  is Vernier caliper. For this purpose you can read article Vernier caliper, it covers basics of Vernier caliper theory like parts, functions and its use. Perhaps there are five types of Vernier …

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